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Used Aircraft Parts & Aviation Salvage Recovery

At Premier Air Parts, whether you have a beater aircraft that you no longer want to be a lawn ornament, unfinished project, or an unfortunate sequence of events resulting in off-runway excursion. We have the equipment, tools and the know how to safely and efficiently extract, dismantle and transport single and twin engine aircraft of all manufactures from just about any location.

When it comes to off field recoveries, whether you are an insurance adjustment service or a private owner of an aircraft without hull coverage. At  Premier Air Parts we understand as industry salvagers where the value lies in recoverable aircraft. We understand how to handle them so you can get maximum value for your salvage. We have the full ability to securely store single and twin engine aircraft for long term or investigational purposes. We work with many local agricultural growers and know how to extract downed aircraft from crop with least invasive techniques. We also have a commercial development sister company with heavy equipment at our disposal as well as an abundance of valuable contacts. We also understand that our environment is precious and know how to prevent soil contamination due to oil/fuel spillage while recovering aircraft.